Polymer Clay Festival

Date: August 2014 Client: Mayak Art House Role: art direction, design Photography: contributing artists ABOUT THE PROJECT For a polymer clay art festival at Mayak Art House I designed a set of posters, flyers, brochures and gallery labels Working on this project was a great pleasure and fun, and it was the first event for […]

Szklane Makatki

Date: September 2015 Client: Mayak Art House Role: art direction, design ABOUT THE PROJECT Working for Mayak Art House I designed visual materials for many art projects and exhibitions, and “Szklane Makatki” (Glass Tapestries) was one of them. I designed posters, flyers, brochures, invitations etc. – all of them inspired by the unique character of […]

History Lesson

Jewelry design competition by Royal Stone and the Museum of Independence Date: October 2015 Role: jewelry design, jewelry creation, presentation design, photography Prize: 1st Prize Winner ABOUT THE PROJECT This was the first jewelry design competition that I took part in – and I did so because its theme (Independence) seemed like a great invitation […]

Aurea 2017

Date: October 2016 Client: Fundacja Pomocy Goldenom Aurea Role: design, art direction ABOUT THE PROJECT This is the second calendar I designed for a non-profit organization Aurea that helps golden retrievers in need. The Aurea people accepted my slightly more artistic and slightly less commercial approach: I wanted to tell a story of a golden’s […]


Date: ongoing Client: personal projects Role: design, lettering ABOUT THE PROJECT Typography intrigues me.I see letters and words as images that also happen to spell something. Typography is a great tool that can empower a written message, as it is no longer just text. The choice of fonts, their size and arrangement, can totally change […]

Scribbled Dogs

Date: 2020 Client: personal project Role: design, illustration ABOUT THE PROJECT Have I already mentioned that I’m quite crazy about dogs? And that I am totally not crazy about cute dog-related gadgets (or any cute anything-related anything)?This project started because I wanted a not-cute golden retriever poster for myself, and I ended up with a […]


Date: ongoing Client: personal projects Role: photography, design   ABOUT THE PROJECT Photography has been my passion ever since I remember, but it became serious when after I took some courses in photography at the university. Those were still the analogue times, so next to the shooting there were the hours spent in a darkroom […]

Logo Design

Date: 2019/2020 Client: Alwaro, Bez i Agrest, Casa del Cane, Abidream, Mirasol Polonia Role: design, illustration ABOUT THE PROJECT This is not just one project but a few examples of  logo marks that I designed.  I have chosen only kennel logos for here, and I have done so on purpose: kennel logos often are less […]


Date: February 2021 Client: personal project Role: design ABOUT THE PROJECT This is a project that I really enjoyed working on. It was inspired by the flashy and splashy creativity posters that FB was showing to me far too often – since my understanding of creativity goes far beyond the splashes of wild colors, I […]

Pets Creations

Date: 2018, 2021 Client: Pets Creations Role: design Photography: the Client, pixabay ABOUT THE PROJECT Pets Creations is a small business delivering personalized handmade products for dog breeders and owners. Over the years I have done a number of designs for some of those products, but here I present the designs that have been done […]