JagnaB art jewelry is the result of my search for the points where the visual art meets functionality.

I am not really interested in making popular designs that sell in a hundred copies. I prefer to create unique individual pieces that have both their own history and a story to tell. While working, I always think about the persons who do not use jewelry as sheer adornment but also – and maybe first of all – jewelry is a means of communication to them which they use to express their personality and put a stress on their own, very individual style.

My inspiration comes from the world around me, but I am not trying to reproduce the world in my pieces.My approach is to move the viewers’ imagination, to intrigue them and encourage them to look for the underlying meanings themselves. I would love my jewelry to be seen as more than just little trinkets, therefore some of the pieces have little secrets that I leave for the audience to find out. Usually these are the pieces that happen to have titles which can serve as guideposts of sorts for the viewer who is interested not only in the form but also in the content of the piece.

My imagery is strongly affected by my architectural background. I prefer clean and strong forms, geometric and austere, with no unnecessary ornaments. I create expressive jewelry for bold people who have original style of their own and do not follow the fashion trends blindly. Also for people who appreciate the individual character of every single piece.

All pieces signed with my name are created in my own studio. I use various media to create my pieces of which polymer clay is my favorite, as it gives me endless opportunities for exploring new combinations of colors, textures and shapes. Next to polymer clay silver, brass and copper are high on the list of my favorite media – and lately I have discovered the beauty of bog oak which is being quite a challenge and I still am looking for the best ways of showing it off in my jewelry.

My jewelry pieces are held in esteem by polymer clay artists and the arts-and-crafts circles, they have been published, shown at group and individual exhibitions, they have won some prizes… That is all very satisfying but at least same satisfaction I get out of the fact that there is an ever growing group of absolutely amazing people who have bought my pieces and who understand and appreciate the aspects of my work that are essential to me.